Legoland Denmark, 2004

First glimpse of the park.

Guarded entrance.

A part of the new model of Billund airport - the second largest airport in Denmark.

Some queen's palace or something.

Beverly Hills.

Hollywood or LA.

Kopenhagen port (or some other Danish city port, maybe).

Just like in the original port, they have ducks here.

Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark (been there).

The ever-present windmills - did I mention Denmark is windy?

Notice the magpie - they don't only have ducks.

An interesting building, I guess, certainly pretty.

The rivers are crowded by boats. Some sections require elevation.

A riverside hotel, I guess?

Other port town.

What princess was involuntarily kept there?

A train station; the trains were going here and there between the various sections (even using tunnels where necessary).

Did I mention ducks?

This would have been the voluntary home of the princess (see above).

Not made of Lego, this tower took us high above the park and provided us with a nice overview of it.

Chinese/Japanese section.

Complete with blooming trees (bonsai, I think).

Further oriental goodness.

Not made of Lego.

Even the doggies could appreciate Lego.

Entertaining for the wild west ride line.

Wild, wild west.

Back to fairy-tales.

Water-dragon by the dragon castle; breathes water sprinkle (notice the hint of a rainbow).

Guess this guy met the water-dragon.

Entertainment for snacking tourists.

Our group - Mike, sis, mom.

Sis'n'the pelicans.

Architecture section.

Enjoying the ride.

ZOO section.

Face-painting was popular here.

Nothing is forgotten.

Older toys - a doll palace (even containing a doll doll house, sadly not in the pictures).

Leaving the park, we still notice new stuff.

See ya!

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