WSMO-Lite W3C Submission

The W3C has acknowledged WSMO-Lite, a lightweight set of terms for describing the semantics of Web services that builds on the standard SAWSDL. According to the W3C's own Team comment, WSMO-Lite "is a useful addition to SAWSDL for annotations of existing services and the combination of both techniques can certainly be applied to a large number of semantic Web services use cases."

So now, if you were interested in what SAWSDL could be useful for, here's an answer. We are using WSMO-Lite for semantic Web services automation in the project SOA4All, and especially in the SWS registry iServe.

We also apply WSMO-Lite to RESTful Web services - through the microformat hRESTS we structure the HTML documentation that every RESTful API has, and then it's easy to add SAWSDL/WSMO-Lite annotations.

So that's what's been keeping me busy.

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