Sanjiva's take on RESTfulness of URIs

Sanjiva writes about how he was corrected that Google maps are RESTful, i.e. they use URIs for each map segment. He gives an example of, calls it "lovely" and asks whether there's any meaning to it.

I fairly quickly guessed that "qrst" are the quadrants of a rectangle. You can check that by adding 'q', 'r', 's', 't' to . And it works recursively, as long as Google has a useful resolution.

Does it make the URI more RESTful, if it now makes sense? In general, what makes a URI restful? Why is more restful than the map URI above? Just because it's more readable? How about - makes sense to me, but it's Czech-specific.

AFAIK, REST doesn't say how to create URIs, it just says that they can be used for linking. HTML gives the client a way to create URIs with a GET form, but also with Javascript, which can form the map URIs very easily, including the URI for the segment next to the one at hand etc.

I probably just don't understand what Sanjiva understands under RESTful URIs.

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Nice decryption! I don't follow Sanjiva's thinking at all. Which worries me 'cos he's really smart :)

Posted by: Paul Downey at February 22, 2007 8:05 PM
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