In a moment of procrastination, I can catch up with some old blog material. I want to write about Frisbee — adult people throwing a flying disk around. It sounds childish, but it's actually a nice sport. Anybody near Innsbruck who would be interested?

I was spending the summer last year in Galway, Ireland, and when my colleagues asked me if I wanted to go play frisbee with them, I thought, why the heck not. I only knew about trying to catch and throw the flying disk. To my surprise, I was introduced to the game of Ultimate Frisbee. Now I'm in general a sport-avoiding person because I'm clumsy and it hurts when I hit or get hit by whatever things the sport is played with. Nevertheless, frisbee is fun to begin with (just throwing it around), so I got addicted before I got to the level where it hurt. (And hurt it did — it's a big myth that Ultimate is a non-contact sport. Oh, you mean no intentional contact, right...)

And it was especially cool how I met great people — Andaria, Alan, Matteo, and plenty of others whose URIs I don't have. See also the dedicated frisbee blog by Andaria, there are some cool pictures there. And later I learned that DaveO, a friend through W3C, is also an Ultimate player — go Dave!

So after coming back to Innsbruck mid-September, I was disappointed by the weather which kept being consistently wrong for frisbee. Anyway, I bought a disk and since I also do some skiing, I was thinking about bringing the disk to the slopes. I haven't done it yet, and it is a white disk which could be a bit of a problem, anyway it might be fun. Does anybody have experience with that? 8-)

But I have finally done some throwing around when I was at a conference in the Caribbean — I took the disk and we played with it with a few friends, even in the sea and in the pool. (The disk floats. 8-) )

Any readers around Innsbruck who would be interested, please contact me and we can have some Frisbee fun. 8-)

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If you get one organized, make sure to post it on the site - The UPA pickup site is truly awesome. I managed to get a pick up game in Palo Alto a couple weeks ago.

Posted by: David Orchard at March 16, 2006 6:55 PM

Hi Jack, I happened to know about your blog just now, because you linked back to mine :)

It was cool to play ultimate, wasn't it? I'm looking forward to play again, unfortunately my disc is getting dusty since I left Galway :( but this summer I want to set up a team and play! Definitely!

I'll probably come over to Innsbruck in April, I'll bring it so we may play! :)

Posted by: ~matteo at March 30, 2006 9:53 AM

super! I have my disc (I bought one last fall in Prague) in the office, ready for immediate use. 8-)

Looking forward to seeing you.

Posted by: Jacek at March 30, 2006 11:23 AM