Pictures: ride from Innsbruck to Galway

I'm now in Galway, Ireland, for an exchange between DERI Innsbruck and DERI Galway. Since I'm here for the summer, I decided to come here on my motorbike, and I spread the trip over a whole week, with the main objective being to visit the Scottish Highlands. Since my sis was there at that time, I had a good bed and base for a few days. I was tasked to take many pictures, you can see a selection at flickr photoset: Trip to Galway.

I gotta say, the Highlands are pretty, and it didn't even rain on me there (although I did get rained on in west Germany and in the whole of England). But it's cold, so in Inverness I bought special thermally protective clothing - it's no wonder they had a good selection.

In general, I'm glad I've done it, and I properly visited Luxembourg and Scotland (added to the maps linked from the main blog page). I passed through Belgium and Northern Ireland but I don't count that as having visited them.

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Jacku musim rict ze to Skotsko je nadherne, nektere fotky fakt super. Vzdycky me uplne fascinuje jak je v Britanii a Irsku vsechno vsude totalne zelene, to se u nas moc nevidi, vsude same pole:-) Tak se tam mej fajn!

Posted by: Sliz at July 27, 2005 1:17 PM