URI vs. IRI - pick option C

I've recently been advocating, mostly internally in DERI, that we stick to URI instead of adopting IRI in our stuff. Except I'm not so sure anymore.

My reasons were that URI is already known and familiar and that IRIs and URIs are basically equivalent to a machine (as for a machine a hex-encoded UTF-8 representation of '€', for instance, is as readable as the real thing) and we're working on the semantic web, right? The web for machines, right?

As for human-oriented purposes, IRIs are better for presentation of internationalized resource identifiers, but the acronym is not appealing (or is it just me?). So I guess I'll attempt to use (and teach my students to use) the third option, the nice word "address". Or do you have any other suggestions? 8-)

Posted at 1236 on Tue, May 10, 2005 in category Ideas | TrackBack