At W3C Capabilities and Constraints Workshop

I'm currently in Belmont, California in the W3C Workshop on Constraints and Capabilities for Web Services. We're basically talking about policies (not just WS-Policy, but these folks are here as well). Read on for my thoughts on this and for links to other participants.

I hope the outcome is a future W3C working group on Web Services Policy language that would be chartered to come up with a framework for capturing non-functional capabilities, constraints and preferences (cc&p's) for web resources and web services, including semantic web resources and semantic web services. I mention SWS explicitly because this policy language might in fact become a significant part of semantic web services description language.

I would discourage the use of the policy language for expressing the functional cc&p's just for practical purposes (to keep the purpose simple and clear), including choreographical constraints and the constraints on the content of the message bodies.

We (DERI) have an accepted position paper here, where you can read in section 3 what we see as non-functional capabilities, constraints and preferences.

Finally, I'm very glad for this opportunity to see again many cool folks, including co-chair Mark Nottingham, alphabetically Glen Daniels, Paul Downey, Dave Orchard, and Jeffrey Schlimmer, mentioning only those whose blogs I can readily link to, and many others, especially the W3C folks. If you feel left out, send me a link to your blog. 8-)

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