Good Luck, Chuchmas!

This weekend I attended the wedding of Markéta Zvonková and Pavel Chuchma and I wish them good luck in their life together! Of course I have a few pictures. It was a very nice wedding, the bride as beautiful as any, the weather just plain perfect, so congratulations!

This wedding and another one coming this weekend, both in Moravia (eastern Czechia) were among the final points for my decision about buying a car (yes, I have bought the blue Mercedes) - this way I can drive conveniently to see these important days in the lives of my friends.

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Nice car Jack! I am sorry to say I wont see you in London this time as my boss canceled my planned trip for the W3C meeting. Congratulations on your major purchase. (Nice wedding pictures too.)

Posted by: Tom Jordahl at July 20, 2004 8:00 PM