Any tips on buyind an old used Mercedes?

I'm considering buying an old used Mercedes - do my readers have any tips on that? I'll decide in the next few days, so far I'm leaning towards the purchase. (Updated to include another car.)

The first car (1987, 140Mm for €2400) drives pretty well (apart from dying of lack of gas because the dealer only put in the minimal amount of it) and it seems to be well taken care of, but of course there are signs of wear, actually only on the inside though. I know it's not meant for short drives because the mileage would be really terrible, but I'd use it mainly for the long runs, like 600km to Prague or 800km to see my parents.

The second car (1990, 270Mm, diesel, €2500) also drives very nicely with no visible problems whatsoever. Especially the torque given by the 2.5l diesel engine is much better, engine-braking is so much more possible than in the benzin car mentioned above. I'm arranging a proffesional check-up to be sure of the state of the car.

So, I'm aware of the costs of gas and insurance, some cost for maintenance. I have a free parking place by the house. Is there something I'm forgetting?

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I'd go with the 190; Mercedes Diesel engines are next to impossible to kill and -- taking Germany as the basis -- this is the sort of car usually taken care of pretty well by its owners.

Posted by: Stefan Tilkov at July 2, 2004 9:17 PM