My new riding pictures page; congrats Gudge

Gudge is writing about how he's getting himself a Honda CBR - wishes of good luck with it and few surprises. 8-) Riding a bike is always great, but I somehow hesitate to compare riding in wherever in England Gudge lives and around Innsbruck where I live now. 8-)

For example yesterday if was a holiday here so I took my bike up to Germany through the mountains. The views, the weather... And all that in just 100km (there and back), perfect for after-work evening rides.

Precisely what I wanted - living close to my bike and close to riding pleasures. 8-) Anyway, I set up a page with my pictures from the rides. I plan to keep this page relatively short and so far I only selected the biking pictures from around Innsbruck. I will announce any major updates here.

Posted at 0946 on Fri, May 21, 2004 in category Biking | TrackBack