Moved to Innsbruck

So I've moved to Innsbruck now. It was quite an experience - I saved vacation time for my last week at Systinet so I could do the move.

See some pictures from the last leg of the trip and from here, or continue reading for the description of my moving week.

Here's how it went: on the weekend of April 24 I moved my bike to my parent's town and borrowed their car and returned to Prague, 400km each way. Then I drove to Innsbruck on Monday (530km) and stayed at Wilhelmine Matha hotel - a small but cheap place, quite sufficient.

Tuesday through Thursday I searched for a garconniere - I saw quite a few: a very beautiful one in Seefeld 20km away from Innsbruck, a spatious and light and expensive one in the center, a few cheaper and uglier ones in various other parts of the town, and finally the last one I saw was 8 minutes walking distance (I timed it today) from my new work place and it was nice enough, so I immediately took it. I guess I was pretty lucky to find a flat in three days. 8-)

Then Thursday afternoon I drove back to Prague, leaving all my things under my new desk in the office (not in the new flat yet) - that's another 530km.

Friday I had fun in Prague, celebrating the expansion of EU to contain both Poland and the Czech Republic, my home countries. I feel very good about it, quite unlike many of my friends.

On Saturday I drove back to my parents' town 400km away and on Sunday I finished by riding my bike all the way to Innsbruck, about 800km. Quite a distance altogether, I hope not to repeat this in a long time. 8-)

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