Web Services vs. Distributed Objects

There's been a lot of talk on the difference between Web Services and Distributed Objects. Just to chime in, my opinion is that Web Services are the communication infrastructure on which Distributed Objects systems can be built. Efforts like WS Resource Framework go in that direction, I think.

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Argh! The horror! :-)

Web Services are the basis upon which distributed systems can be built. The individual components of such systems (services) might contain objects but this is not DO.

C'mon Jacek, mapping your Foo object to my Bar object using SOAP and friends is not what Web Services are all about...

WS-RF takes a different view which is why I really don't care for it very much.

BTW good luck in your doctoral studies.

Posted by: Jim Webber at April 22, 2004 4:20 AM

FWIW, "distributed objects" can describe several architectural styles, including REST, so I think you have to keep that in mind before suggesting it's good or bad.

WS-RF heads in one particular d-o direction, and IMO, it's the wrong one. With a name like "resource framework", you'd think they'd go with a Web/REST approach in which the resource is also paramount. Oh well.

Posted by: Mark Baker at April 23, 2004 5:53 AM