Seattle pictures

Work also took me to Redmond, WA last week (see Jorgen Thelin's post on the reason why I was there) so I took some pictures there and generally enjoyed myself in the beautiful Seattle area. They're worth seeing if you like pictures of clouds; also containing a brief comparison of the first and the latest of my digital cameras. 8-)

I like Seattle but it's a bit too cold and rainy for me, I wouldn't be able to ride my motorbike too much.

Actually, I only heard that it's very rainy - it never really rained on me in Seattle. When I first visited the city in 1998, the clouds were leaving as my bus approached and they returned just as I was leaving; this time they were present but only hinted on their potential with a few drops.

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Hey Jacek, I am just starting some consulting at Systinet. What is your current camera? I have a Canon 10D from June of 2003 and am taking more pictures now then ever before in my life! Recent trip to Prague netted over 600 pictures of which a good 50 are interesting :)

Posted by: Bill at April 26, 2004 6:08 PM

My camera is Olympus D560 (in Europe called C350), a 3Mpix automatic camera with 3x optical zoom. I agree digital cameras are a great thing and in fact the way proffessionals work is to take zillions of pics and choose the best, a technique made affordable to normal vacation photographers by digital cameras. 8-)

Posted by: Jacek at April 28, 2004 4:31 PM