Updated WS-Addressing

I'm now reviewing the newly updated WS-Addressing specification. I have a few rants, as expected. 8-)

First a general observation: the intent seems to be that all WS-Addressing-compliant endpoints use and require message information headers (the wsa:To, wsa:MessageID, wsa:Action) in all messages. IMHO this raises the entry barrier considerably, especially by tying messages to WSDL descriptions (via how the wsa:Action value is established).

Now for the more specific comments:

  1. A changelog should be provided, or a diff markup, to make it easier for the rest of the world (as opposed to the authors) to find the changes and tweak the implementations accordingly.
  2. Default action pattern is fragile in handling of fragment IDs (in case target namespace contains a fragment ID). But then, who puts # in their namespace URIs?
  3. What are the default action URIs for messages not sent according to a WSDL?
  4. (minor nit) SOAP 1.1 can have fault detail too, you know.
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