Opichals' wedding, July 2004

First, the happy couple - Lucka and Standa.

The bride with her parents watching one of the baby fairies stumbling around.

The bride's car.

From left: bridesmaid Tereza, Hana, Lucie, Jana

Apparently the groom's family, dunno the two on the sides.

And once more the beautiful bride and her father. By the way, she made the dress herself.

The wedding official was pretty young, too, and enjoying it a lot.

Throwing rice at the newlyweds, don't remember why this is being done.

After lunch in a restaurant. The bride is here because we kidnapped her so that the groom could have a chance to pick up the tab when he finds her.

Again Jana, Hana and Lucie.

And one more portrait.

Leading the groom off the trail - he had little idea that we were still at the lunch place.

But here he comes!

Finally, as usual and appropriate, a lot of dancing. The newlyweds were the best dancers of the night, too, coming from an almost pro-level.

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